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Enabling New Lifestyle with Wireless Technology through Continuous Research and Development.




To Provide Economical, Easy-to-Use, Quality and Scaleable Wireless Home Automation & Office Automation Solution.


Singapore Invention - True Wireless Integrated System


Anjels develops innovative wireless system that integrates lighting, electrical control, security control and energy consumption monitoring system using advanced RF technology. Founded in 2002, it is the first in the market to develop such a fully integrated system.  The development of this invention was funded by Singapore government’s Economic Development Board (EDB) under its Innovative Development Scheme.


The complete suite of Anjels products are designed and manufactured in Singapore to ensure highest quality. Anjels owns the Intellectual Property Rights of all its products. This enables Anjels to provide extremely flexible solutions to its clients. It also allows Anjels to work with any solution providers to integrate its wireless solution to meet client's needs.


With the launch of an HTML-based system in 2010, users has the flexibility of using different types of smart devices, such as iPhone, iPad or any Android-based devices, to control remotely lightings and electrical appliances. It also interfaces with biometric access control system.


Anjels business philosophy is to create opportunities with fullest support for its business partners. Therefore, comprehensive sales training and technical support training programs are standardized and conducted for its business partners around the world.


At the same time, Anjels strives to deliver absolute satisfaction to users through economical, easy to use, quality and scalable products. Its customer service program is customer-focused to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.




Enjoy the CONVENIENCE, COMFORT, LUXURY and SENSUALITIES of modern lifestyle brought to you by TECHNOLOGY.


The Anjels Intelligent System consists of 4 distinct but fully integrated wireless systems where home automation and security combine into ONE simple control.


  • Anjels Smart Home System allows remote control of lightings, motorized curtains/blinds, air ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, home theatre system, and any electrical appliances.
  • Anjels Wireless Security System provides protection with different sensors. Besides lighting, it also incorporates Biometric door locks/door access system, video intercom and wireless IP camera for a complete security solution.
  • Anjels Energy Consumption Monitoring System controls, monitors and measures your home/office energy consumption effectively. It shows clearly the energy usage of different areas of the place, which allows you to manage and control your consumption effectively to achieve maximum costing saving.
  • Anjels Wireless Green Living System is designed to optimize energy consumption using ambient light sensor, occupancy sensor and  temperature sensor. Coupled with the extremely versatile scheduling and timer functions, this system manages your energy usage automatically.


Your CHOICE - A reflection of your taste, exposure, noble personality and epitomizes success - IS Our DIFFERENCE!

  • No rewiring or additional wiring is needed for implementation - eliminates messy installation and makes it applicable to existing and new houses.
  • Modular system design caters to homeowners with different requirements at different times - easy system expansion.
  • We own the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to the hardware design and software of the system - this gives flexibility for customization.
  • Made in Singapore by Anjels to ensure highest quality.
  • User-friendly system that works seamlessly with existing manual control - no change in users current habits.

With our business partners in different countries, we are poised for exponential growth in this industry.


Anjels, its invention and technologically innovative wireless system is part of new intelligent lifestyle.


Anjels delivers tomorrow’s aspirations today!


The future is here...

                                    The future is Anjels !




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