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 Energy Monitoring System 


Anjels Wireless Smart System is classified as Automation equipments under Government Productivity Innovation and Credit (PIC) scheme. 400% tax rebates or up to 60% cash payout.

Productivity improvement

In most companies, the size and design of the conference room is symbolic of the companies’ success. You can hold your customer meetings or presentations in style, with Anjels’ wireless system.

With a portable smart device such as iPad, you can pre-set different scenes for different occasions. Common scenes such as “Discussion Mode” and “Presentation Mode” allow you to setup the conference room for such occasions easily.

Touch the icon “Presentation Mode” on the iPad. The projector screen will lower down and the front lights turn off, while the lights behind will dim down. The motorized blinds will also lower down and the projector turns on.

After the presentation, activate the “Discussion Mode” on the remote controller and lights intensity resume to normal level. The projector screen scrolled up and the projector turns off.

All these with a simple touch on the remote controller!

Green Building / office for Cost Savings

New and old commercial buildings and offices are geared towards implementing measures to go “green”. Lightings and air-conditioners constitute the major energy consumption. Effective control of their usage will result in energy saved that means cost savings.

Currently, all the lights in the building’s staircases and common toilets are left on all the time. This consume tremendous amount of energy. With Anjels’ wireless sensors, these lights will only turn on when someone utilizes the staircase or toilet.

The Return-On-Investment for the implementation of sensor-controlled staircase and toilet lighting is more than justify the cost.

To further reduce energy consumption of the building, Anjels provide cost-effective LED lighting fixtures to replace normal fluorescent lights at common areas.

Energy Consumption Monitoring and Smart Control of Green Office

Anjels “Wireless Smart Green System” is designed to control and monitor energy consumption of your office. This system uses occupancy sensors and ambient light sensor to optimize energy consumption.

With Anjels occupancy sensor in the rooms, lights and air-conditioners’ usage depend on the presence of people. Only when someone occupies the area, the lights and air-conditioner at that area will turn on. They will turn off after a preset time when no more motion is detected by the occupancy sensor.

Of course the occupant of the room has the option to disable automatic control by occupancy sensor, simply with iPhone or any smart devices.

The system is smart enough to know if the window is open or closed, if the window is open, air con will be turned off automatically by Anjels Smart System.

Air conditioners can be scheduled to be turned off at certain time during weekdays, which prevent wastage of unnecessary energy usage. Timer function is also applicable to prevent from people forgetting switch of air conditioners and lights.

Similarly, imagine on a bright sunny day, Anjels ambient light sensor will cause the office lights to dim to reduce energy usage. The office blinds automatically close to reduce the UV light into the office. In this way, the room temperature is kept low to reduce air-conditioning consumption. You have the option to bring the blinds up automatically when the external light intensity is low.

Anjels Smart Wireless Smart Green System controls, monitors and measures your office energy consumption effectively. It shows you clearly the energy usage of different areas of the office. This allows you to manage and control effectively your consumption to achieve maximum cost savings.




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