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 iNet Config - Mio & 2Wire routers 

Basic Configuration for iNet - Mio and 2Wire routers

Basically, you will need to configure port forwarding (in some router, it is known as Games and Application or Firewall settings) as follows:

          iNet IP address:

          iNet Http Port: 8181

          iNet FTP Port: 21

          iNet Telnet Port 23If your iNet is configured with a different address, please make the proper adjustment. If in doubt, call your preferred technical support.

Mio and 2Wire Routers (most models)

Firstly, use your browser to access

Login may not be necessary.

If you are prompted with a system password, please call 2Wire at tel 62875033 (the company that manufactured the router). You provide them with a code given by your router and they will provide you with a reset code. With this reset code, you can change the system password but you can also disable system password. There is little security risk because only the people with access to within your network can login to the router.

Please do not attempt to reset the router because you will loose all connection to the Internet and need to contact your ISP for the ISP access password. (Yet another password.) The ISP password is normally mailed to you in a pieces of paper.

(We will put in the images at a later stage.)

Step 1: Click "Settings" then "LAN" then "Status" and scroll down to the device "unknown 0x8090909081" then click the button "Edit Name" and give a meaningful name like "Anjels iNet".

Step 2: Click "Settings" then "LAN" then "DHCP" and click the option "Configure manually". This is to avoid another PC from being assigned the same address as iNet. This step may not be necessary in most cases.

          First DHCP Address =

          Last DHCP Address =

Then click the button "Save".

Step 3: Click "Settings" then "Firewall" then "Applications" then click "Add new user-defined application" and enter the followings 3 entries:

"Anjels iNet App" with the ports 8181 to 8181, 21 to 21 and 23 to 23.

Step 4: Select a computer and choose "Anjels iNet" you named in Step 1. Then click "Allows individual applications" then select "Anjels iNet App" you named in Step 3. Finally click the button "Add".

That's all. Thank you.



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