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Q.What is Anjels Wireless Smart System?

The Anjels Wireless Smart System Consists of 4 distinct but fully integrated wireless systems where home automation and security combined into ONE simple control.

Anjels Wireless Smart Home System allows remote control of lighting, motorized cutains/blinds, air ventilation, heating, airconditioning, home theatre system, and any electrical appliances.

Anjels Wireless Security System provides protection with different sensors. Besides lighting, it also incorporates with biometric door locks / door access system, video intercom and wireless IP camera for a complete security solution.

Anjels Energy Consumption Monitoring System controls and monitors your home or office's energy consumption effectively. It shows clearly the energy usage of different areas of the place, which allows you to manage and control your consumption effectively to achieve maximum cost saving.

Anjels Wireless Green Living System is design to optimize energy consumption using ambient lighting sensor, occupancy sensor and temperature sensor. Coupled with extremely versatile scheduling and timer functions, this system manages your energy usage automatically.

Q. What is the uniqueness of Anjels Wireless Smart System?

Anjels Wireless Smart System is unique because:

1. It is a literal wireless system --- absolutely no wiring or re-wiring is required. Using advanced Radio Frequency (RF) technology. Single processor is capable to control bungalow or a 5 storey landed house.

2. It combines home automation system with security system --- it turns on lights and opens motorized curtains / blinds upon on 1st layer intrusion; Upon on 2nd layer intrusion, system will triger the larm and notify the owner, hence, the false alarm is effectively eliminated, which makes the security system more reliable.

3. It promies an easy system expansion --- modular system design caters to customers with different requirements at different times.

4. It enhances your lifestyle --- the Anjels Wireless Smart System not only could remain your traditional habit with manual electrical appliance switches and remote controls, but also enhance your lifestyle with smart phone / tablets controls.

Q. What can I control in my house with Anjels Wireless Smart System?

  • Access Control
  • CCTV
  • Energy Mnagement
  • Lighting Control
  • Security System
  • Motorized Curtains / Blinds
  • Home Theatre

Q. If my neighbour has installed the same system, can s/he activate my lighting or electrical points?

NO. Each Anjels Wireless Smart System has an unique ID CODE.

Q. What I should do if the system is reported faulty?

You still can fall back to use manual switches or remote controllers.

Q. Can I schedule the time for lights to turn on and off automatically?

YES. You can preset a time to turn on oand off any light, fan, air-con and motorized curtian / blind. You can even schedule them into weekdays and weekends. And system supports multiple timers in a day.

Q. Is it possible for me to check status of my house even when I am overseas?

YES. You can overlook your house anywhere when internet is conneted to your smartphone, tablet or PC. For example, you can log in Anjels Wireless Smart System to check if the lights are on, if so, you could immediately turn them off.

Q. Is it easy to use?

YES. Actually it is the easist automation system to use. Anjels Wireless Smart System is co-existing with mechanical system, which means you could control your house by both ways of using traditional switches and using your smart devices. Therefore, there is no changes in the normal habit, especially for the children and elderly.

Q. Why should I choose Anjels Wireless Security System?

We provide many exclusive advantages in our solution:

1.    Attract visual attention --- Anjels Wireless Security System can turn on lights and draw up the curtains / blinds when there is an intrusion.

2.    Eliminates the false alarm and act as a deterrent --- we use multiple sensors for detection: 1st level detection will ONLY turn on the lights to scare the intruder away, if the action of intrusion continues, the 2nd level of detection will be conducted, which is trigger the alarm and sound siren, then the system will notify you through SMS.

3.    View from anywhere --- the wireless webcam will allow you to monitor your house from anywhere anytime.

4.    Control from anywhere --- if you are away from your house or office, you can use your smart phone or tabltes to ARM, DISARM or CHECK THE STATUS of the security system.

5.    No monthly fee to pay.

Q. How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period against manufacturing defects is 2 years from date of installation.

Q. What is Radio Frequency (RF) technology?

RF technology is a wireless communication technology. Its signal is sent or received in all derections and it is able to penetrate through walls and objects. Unlike Infra-Red signals, RF signal do not need line-of-sight to control and therefore the distance between controller and device is further.

Q. How is the stability of wireless automation system?

Anjels Wireless Smart System is using two-way communication RF technology, hence, the status will be shown on the smart phone to ensure the signal is received successfully.

Q. Can Anjels Wireless Smart System be used for my bungalow   house?

The biggest house that we have installed so far is a 10,000 sq feet bungalow house.

Q. What is the operating frequency of Anjels Wireless Smart System?

The operating frequency is 433 MHz.

Q. Can the Anjels system controlled by computer?

YES. It can be controlled by computer through the web browser.

Q. What is the after-sale support?

We provides on-site support within product warranty period. We will do 1 on 1 product exchange for products under warranty.

Q. What is the maintenance for Anjels Wireless Smart System?

We provides on-site support within product warranty period. We will do 1 on 1 product exchange for products under warranty.



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